Expo is the leader in delivering unique customer acquisition and retention programs that have successfully brought its clients new customers, increased revenue, increased brand awareness and enhanced customer loyalty by harnessing the power of face-to-face referral marketing.

Loaded with a portfolio of satisfied clients, Expo has partnered with some of the nation’s most recognized household brands, hospitals, national restaurant chains, amusement parks, TV channels, beauty salons to bring consumers great value.

With 2 unique and powerful marketing channels:

� Events
� Retail

and hundreds of independently owned and operated corporate distributors with independent sales teams actively representing one or more Expo clients Expo’s massive marketing reach provides its clients total market immersion on the local or national level. This leads to results unmatched by any other form of advertising. Expo serves a broad range of industries, including professional and independent sports teams, area attractions, home improvement service providers, restaurants, and travel offerings virtually any industry looking to generate new customers, enhance brand loyalty or fill unused seats.