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It’s NEPAL & Much More!!!

On 23rd August 2013, 7 managers are going to explore NEPAL for 6 days and will be back on 28th August 2013. They have earned their opportunity to experience, explore & enjoy! Moreover one of Expo’s stakeholder is going with the team.

Nepal is the land of Temples and Pagodas. It is one of the most picturesque region in the world blessed with astounding beauty of nature with snow capped mountains seems filtering with the azure blue sky, ever-ending grasslands with blossoming flowers, heritage Buddhists temples and various opulent palaces erected by various dynasties. The Kingdom of Nepal offers brilliant opportunity for nature loves as well as adventure enthusiasts for dream vacations and the Expo stars are now in high to grab the opportunity.

This trip will be a memorable trip to all cause Expo will provide round air tickets, accommodation, food and travelling expenses in Nepal; in a sense the whole trip cost. That’s not all, we said experience, explore & enjoy! And thus paragliding in Pokhara to experience the sky, bungee jumping in Bhotekosi for ultimate experience and rafting to enjoy Extreme River Waves.

They are ready to fly to experience, explore & enjoy! What about you? The next trip is on December.