Our Services

Business has only 2 functions: Marketing & Innovation

As the nation’s ultimate face-to-face referral marketing agency, Expo will separate your marketing efforts from your competitors. We are leading the way through our unique channels of marketing:

Our newest and fastest growing marketing channel is Corporate Events. The Corporate Events Channel allows clients to reach their target demographic through employee events where we feature and promote our clients’ businesses in front of thousands of employees.

There’s no better place to market a business than in the midst of hundreds of active shoppers who are already in the ‘buying’ mindset. Participation in our Retail Marketing Channel exposes our clients’ businesses to tens of thousands of prospective buyers at some of the largest national retailers via our live, on-site sales representatives. In addition, our clients will benefit from our face-to-face marketing expertise when we provide thousands of qualified leads to our clients through our partnerships with some of the nation’s top retailers and the largest brands in the country.

Our Business to Business Channel is a highly effective marketing channel that allows our clients to precisely target local consumers by harnessing the power of face-to-face referral marketing. Our Business to Business Marketing Channel provides the ideal means for our clients to reach the people that make up their local community and are their customer base.

As an extension to our face-to-face marketing channels, our Loyalty Marketing Program gives our clients the ability to re-market our clients’ brands to those customers who previously purchased their offerings through our Corporate Events, Retail or Business to Business Marketing Channel.