Who is Expo?

“Expo is a preeminent face-to-face sales and marketing company that provides direct sales services through a Third Party Sales Network. This Third Party Sales Network consists of independently owned and operated corporate distributors with independent sales teams representing one or more clients.”
Are the program results easily tracked?

“Yes. Each card sold has its own designated number. You can use your computer to track redemptions. In addition, we can furnish you with additional data such as total number of cards sold, primary areas where they were sold, and percentage of new customers/clients to whom we have sold.”
Who is representing us?

“Most of your sales will come from the Third Party Sales Network of independent corporate distributors and their respective sales forces. These distributors canvas businesses to extend a personal invitation on your behalf.”
What percentage of people who purchase a Expo Card will use it, or become a regular customer?

‘The offers on your promotion are designated to do two things: get new customers in the door and get them to come back. Unlike television, radio, newspaper or direct mail our promotion is easily measured and tracked. Repeat rates vary by product category, but are typically 8 – 10 times greater than other forms media! The number one factor in building a long-term relationship with your customers is their first impression of your business. The customers we bring you have pre-invested in your business they definitely will be visiting you!”

Why should I discount my products?

“Consumers view programs from the Expo as loyalty or new customer introduction packages more than discount programs. We tell customers that in lieu of investing your money in media and advertising, you want to reach out personally to them. Consumers are aware and understand that advertising costs you money and it makes sense to them that you would take a more direct approach. The beauty of this approach for you is that it is performance based, because you only incur a cost when someone redeems an offer. You only pay for our advertising when it brings customers through your door.”

How long will an Expo campaign be conducted on my behalf?

“It varies according to the venue. Our goal is to increase your traffic flow at a controlled rate. We work with you to drive in the optimal amount of business based on your capacity.”

This sounds too good to be true. Are there any hidden costs for artwork or redemption fees, etc?

“No there are not. Expo knows how to drive new business. Our program is designed as a Win, Win, Win! You win because there are no up-front costs; you simply redeem the offers agreed upon. The customers win because they feel they’re getting a good deal and we win as we capture one customer out of every ten to whom we speak.”

When and how do your public network distributors sell the card?

“Members of the Third Party Sales Network canvass businesses from 10am to 5pm. The sales team simply presents your promotion by offering the Expo card and informing the potential customer about your business. Their job is to act as your word of mouth ambassadors.

How do we track results?

“Your Business Development Manager can tell you how many cards have been sold. Each certificate sold has a designated number. We can furnish you with additional data such as number of cards sold to date, primary areas where they were sold and percentage of new customers/clients to whom we have sold. For a nominal fee we can supply you with a report that includes a map showing where the cards have been sold, the answers to your survey questions as well as a list of sales leads for group events, catering and so forth.”